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Seminole Association for Sustainable Energy

The Seminole Association for Sustainable Energy (SASE) is designed to help students find research and employment opportunities in sustainable energy technology, society and policy as well as climate change adaptation. SASE provides students with an opportunity to present their research, participate in competitions and network with notable FSU alumni and faculty in the field. Our goal is to build student resumes for accelerated career placement.

SASE is a recognized student organization and department affiliate of the FSU Institute for Energy Systems, Economics and Sustainability (IESES, pronounced eye-sis). IESES is a research institute that brings together over 70 faculty from over 30 departments and institutes within the FSU Colleges of Engineering, Law, Business, Arts and Sciences and Social Sciences and Public Policy to research sustainable energy technology, policy, and climate change initiatives. []

FSU is leading the charge with innovative energy and policy research, and through SASE we engage FSU students - both undergraduate and graduate – in the future of sustainable energy.

IESES - SASE Program staff includes:

Melanie Simmons
Assistant Director for Program Development
Aaron Burgess
IESES Liaison

SASE holds regular bi-weekly meetings to update members on projects affiliated with the group, and to inform members about available opportunities as they arise. If you are interested in directly participating in the group, contact Aaron Burgess at

Please spread the word about this group to your friends who want to be involved! Click on the “Like” button to connect with SASE on and stay up to date on upcoming meetings and research workshops.

To find out about upcoming research workshops and professional development opportunities, visit our Events Calendar.

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