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IESES / Archives / Award Winning "Florida Sustainability Index" Provides Timely Relevant Market Strategies for Green Firms

Award Winning "Florida Sustainability Index" Provides Timely Relevant Market Strategies for Green Firms

November 2010

To further develop a market for sustainable products, Dr. Joseph Cronin in the FSU Marketing Department was awarded an IESES grant in 2009 to investigate the role of "market-pull" strategies in advancing sustainability goals. Dr. Cronin and his students specifically sought to identify what "drives" consumers' attitudes and behaviors when considering sustainable products. They focused on consumers' personal attitudes and their perceptions of their abilities to change the environment. The research specifically addresses the optimal ways to educate consumers so that they purchase sustainable goods and services. This is vital information for firms expanding their mix of environmentally friendly products.

In the process, the team developed a pool of survey participants whose information forms the Florida Sustainability Index. The index consists of a group of motivated participants that have agreed to thoughtfully complete each sustainability related research survey. The index was modeled on the American Consumer Satisfaction Survey which interviews thousands of Americans annually about their satisfaction with the goods and services they have consumed. The Florida Sustainability Index is housed in Professor Cronin's Center for Sustainability Initiatives.

The survey results in the Florida Sustainability Index have been award winning. In April of 2010, Professor Cronin and graduate students Mark Gleim and Stephanie Lawson won a global competition for sustainable marketing research from the Von Allmen Center for Green Marketing in the Gatton College of Business and Economics, University of Kentucky. On December 3, 2010 Dr. Cronin was on a distinguished panel presenting their research findings at the Sustainability in Marketing at a Colloquium at the Von Allmen Center. The FSU Center for Sustainability Initiatives is well on its way to providing timely, relevant information for companies using sustainability as a business strategy. Click here to see their presentation at the colloquium and click here to see their recently published article in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.



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